This was a terrific episode for Katie Cassidy. She got to play a lot of different stuff in a lot of different scenes. This is why she’s been one of my favourite actresses from a very long time.


Ready to ride the border between Norway and Sweden by haqbar on Reddit.

TWD livechat!


We’re hosting another live chat since the last one was so fun.

Anyone can enter but please be polite and respectful.


This just happened. Read from the bottom up. Also: I’m on Twitter.


It’s hard to believe that this came out almost 20 years ago.  I remember seeing it in the theater, which was almost empty.  It’s a shame this never got a sequel. 


Illustrations from Boy of Bone by Jon Lezinsky

Author K. R. Sands created a collection of short fiction inspired by the displays of pathological human anatomy and other medical oddities at the famous Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. The stories are beautiful and haunting as they explore the dark depths of human emotion.